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August 10, 2006 by DJBandit
How well do you know yourself? I would normally find this question to be very stupid. I mean, like the saying goes “who knows you better than yourself?”, how could you not know yourself?

Well after what happened to me last night, I began to think about it and did a mental search back to the many times this has happened to me before and came to the conclusion that it seems that I don’t know myself as well as I thought I did. Here’s another dumb question, is this really possible? It’s dumb be...
August 9, 2006 by DJBandit
I remember the times when the only fast foods that took Visas and debit cards were in the airports. I was always curious why fast foods on the streets did not take them when just about every store around did.

Well times have changed and most fast foods now take credit and debit cards. I personally think it’s great to use my debit card; I don’t have to worry about having money in my pockets, having enough on me or the change that jingles when you walk. Ah, but that’s where this article is head...
August 8, 2006 by DJBandit
I messed around with encryption in Windows XP. I encypted some music files and now I can't access them cause I formatted the C: drive and I failed to save a copy of the certificate. Is there a way to get my files back, I just have to believe that MS would not be stupid enough to make a program that did not have a back way or something.

Any help will be appreciated, I don't care about the means as long as I can get my files back. thanx.
August 8, 2006 by DJBandit
Well, I personally can’t believe it myself. I have now joined the elite group of those who have to 2 jobs. It’s not too bad. I’m actually pretty lucky to have found 2 jobs that pay pretty well and are very easy. It actually feels good knowing I am doing the right thing this time around. I made calculations and I have enough left over every month to enjoy life a little better. This is without my wife working yet, once my oldest son starts school and we put my youngest in a daycare, she will look ...
August 1, 2006 by DJBandit
Tropical Storm Chris is heading towards the Caribbean Islands and in a possible direct path to Florida. With at least a week before coming close to the US, TS Chris has plenty of time to grow up and become a Hurricane, maybe a powerful one. And who do we have to thanks for this? Well who else? Our own President George W. Bush. Because of his policies both in the US and in the Middle East even hurricanes are taking shots at the US. I mean, it's so obvious, they do come from across the ocean just ...
August 1, 2006 by DJBandit
Why is President Bush not doing everything within his power to save Fidel Castros life? Why is he not sending tons of money to Castro to help cure him? Bush is a monster for letting a man as great as Castro die for no reason. What did he ever do to the US? Bush is an idiot and his policies will make the Cuban people hate us and create more enemies for us.
July 27, 2006 by DJBandit
Edit: I am editing and reposting this article in hopes that I can still get some responses. Please anyone with skinning skills take a look at this article and at least tell me if you can or if you know someone who does.I plan on giving my wife a laptop for X-mas. I like to be unique so I want to give her more than just Windows XP so I also plan on getting her her own ObjectDesktop set. This is where the great skinners of this site come in.

I know my wife is a big Taz fan
and I would like to...
July 21, 2006 by DJBandit
LOL, this is a great site. You come here with the point of responding to articles that average people write. But what happens when you write something the blogg writer doesn't like? You get banned. LOL, this is great stuff. Here we have a person who thinks that she has to give her piece of mind to every person she doesn't agree with and she takes it a step further to basically insult the person just because she wants to, yet she uses the same power she so much hates.

Well folks, don't worry. ...
July 18, 2006 by DJBandit
I’m a big fan of fast food. Thru out the years I’ve learned a thing or two on how to shop at fast foods. There was always the problem of missing items or wrong orders. Another thing I hated a lot was the waiting time. I never understood how some places would take long on an empty drive thru while in other locations of the same fast food service was great.
One thing however tends to irritate me the most is the lack of condiments in my bag. I came to understand the reason behind not always getti...
June 22, 2006 by DJBandit
So it seems that I remember someone here saying that the only jobs available to the American people were low paying jobs. Jobs that were not enough to give a family a decent enough life. Well I, Charles.C, am here to tell you that these rumors are wrong.

I just recently moved back to Florida after living in Puerto Rico for 2 ½ years. I moved to Puerto Rico cause I was not doing well here in Miami. But that was my fault; I was so bent on starting my life at the top that I ended up rock bottom ...
June 17, 2006 by DJBandit
It's been a while since I have posted here, about 3 or 4 weeks. I'm sure that's not much for some but for me, an online addict, it's a lot. I miss the arguments, the nonsense and the good stuff. I have no PC at the moment so my posting is limited to my visits to the library, such as today.

Well, my new journey has not yielded any jobs yet but I have lots of faith that something will come around soon. I do have some minor problems that I believe are the cause for my not finding a job yet, but...
May 30, 2006 by DJBandit
Well, my time has come. It's only a few days before I begin my new journey back in the US again. I hope things go better this time around, I know it's all up to me. I have a lot of work to do, a lot of catching up. I have to get married, study computers to get a better job, pay off my bills and reestablish my credit. This must be do before the real work begins, a new car, my own house, college fund for the kids. I will try my best, I will not let anything or anyone stand in my way, I have faith ...
May 19, 2006 by DJBandit
I havew this small problem with iconpackager files. Some of them say .iptheme and work fine but there are some that say .iconpackage and can't get them to show up on the list. I wouldn't mind entering every icon manually once in a while, but I don;t always have a list with the names as to where each icon goes. What can I do? Example would be GOAL FIFA World Cup theme which has a pick with each icon and where it goes, but I'm not so lucky with others.
May 17, 2006 by DJBandit
I consider myself very knowledgeable when it comes to computers, but I admit I am no expert. I can fix most average problems and explain to people some average things. But when it comes to specifics in hardware and software I still have a lot to learn.

I have this problem when it comes to memory and was hoping to put an end to it here today. I have made a list of hardware that I would like to buy to build, what I consider, my ultimate PC. I hope to do it before the end of the year but am not ...
May 15, 2006 by DJBandit
You probably think that I'm about to talk nice about my sister. Sorry to burst your bubble.

My sister is a very interesting person, she has an uncanny ability to not wonder if her own family membres might need a hand on something. Here's what just happened.

At the moment I have no car, my car is having alternator problems and I can't afford to fix it at the moment, so I use my bike to go to work. I had to go get some things at a town far away and needed to borrow her car. No problem, I wen...